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We are fortunate to live in Rehoboth Beach, a beautiful, safe, clean city with a unique character and a sense of place we all value. But like any good city, we cannot rest on our reputation, and cannot stay stuck in the past. We need to keep moving forward.

Re-emerging from the COVID-19 crisis will require consensus, clear thinking, experience and common sense on our Commission. Those who know me know I do my homework concerning the issues facing our city and listen to all viewpoints from residents, property owners, business owners and visitors. I rely on data, not just hunches and gut feelings in making decisions. I bring over 18 years of experience gained from serving the people of the city on the Rehoboth Beach Planning Commission for 9 years and as a City Commissioner for 10 years.

I will work as your commissioner to:

Re-imagine our future. We must adapt to a world facing the COVID-19 pandemic, and must assure that our community stays healthy.

Renew our commitment to managing our growth before it manages us. We can move forward as a community, while protecting against overdevelopment that threatens our quality of life. I am dedicated to ensuring that we never lose our city’s essential history and character.

Re-energize and engage all of our citizens. Responsible government requires open meetings, citizen participation, and two-way communication and listening.

Rebuild our local economy. A healthy community will create a healthy economy, and we must work together to help our local small businesses return even stronger than before the pandemic.

With focused and strategic planning, and open dialogue from all viewpoints, we can emerge from the difficult summer of 2020 to create a healthier, more vibrant city for the future.




Rehoboth Beach City Commissioner -Elect

Patrick understands that while priorities may change from time to time in order to respond to circumstances, values don’t.

Patrick is committed to the core values we all share – community, family, and respect for each other. We choose to have a home here, we choose to open a business here and we choose to vacation here because Rehoboth Beach is that welcoming, friendly, safe, clean and charming community. Patrick understands that we value what we have, and we don’t want to lose it.


Above all, Patrick knows we must keep our community healthy. We live in a unique time, and we must adjust to the new reality: our paramount concern must be the health and safety of our residents, business owners, employees, and visitors. We know the COVID-19 pandemic will be with us for the foreseeable future. To reduce illness and deaths from COVID-19, the public must be motivated to change risky behavior and receive explicit information on how to avoid transmission.

  • Patrick has called upon the city to establish and convey a clear plan to keep our community healthy. Working with State officials and using the CDC guidelines including masks and social distancing, the Mayor and Commissioners should immediately create and charge a task force, headed by the City Manager, comprised of medical experts, residents, representatives from our business community, our Police, EMS, Beach Patrol, and other city departments to create such a plan. Once approved by the Mayor and Commissioners, the plan must be quickly implemented and continually reviewed and updated as conditions require.


Patrick knows we must manage our growth before it manages us. He is a champion for preserving our sense of place and the essential history and character of Rehoboth Beach. He will ensure that our codes protect us from over development that will bring more traffic and erode our quality of life. And he will never stop working to protect the scale and residential character of our neighborhoods.

  • Patrick knows that the ongoing process of drafting a revision to the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP) provides us the opportunity to reexamine our vision for Rehoboth in the post-COVID-19 era, including:
    • Creation of a mechanism to evaluate the overall impact of the many proposed development projects in our city to ensure it does not overwhelm or change our unique character
    • Enhancing the visitor experience on Baltimore and Wilmington Avenues.
  • Throughout his service to the city, Patrick sponsored and supported reasonable legislation to prevent overbuilding and the uncontrolled growth of commercial businesses operating as vacation rentals in our residential neighborhoods.
  • He created and chaired the Architectural Review Task Force in 2006, which published an “idea book” for preserving the scale and character of our neighborhood street scapes.
  • He has been a leader in the effort to protect our important natural assets: our beach, boardwalk, lakes, and trees, including his work with DNREC to restore the health of Silver Lake. He will continue to protect our city’s environmental health.


Patrick will restore citizen participation and open communication between the city, residents, businesses, and visitors in today’s digital world.

  • Patrick is firmly committed to conducting city meetings in the open, welcoming citizen comment and input, and he will ensure that committees have a specific charge and purpose. He authored the “Handbook for Committee Roles and Responsibilities”: which was adopted, but never implemented under the current administration.
  • Patrick is an active listener, a careful thinker, and a Commissioner who will work for consensus. He knows the value of public participation, having conducted some of the city’s most wide-ranging public participation programs, and leading the public input process for our Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP), which gathered comment from over 300 citizens.
  • He also crafted and implemented the city’s public outreach program for the 2014 city-wide reassessment of property.
  • Patrick will work to establish a city ethics committee to advise and review the actions of the Mayor and Commissioners.
  • During his years on the City Commission, Patrick was a key advocate for the creation of, and funding for, the position of the City’s Public Communications Director to improve communications regarding city operations, events and issues. He will continue this focus by emphasizing more proactive and user-friendly communication with all constituencies.


Patrick understands the crucial need for fiscal responsibility and careful financial management, especially in the post COVID-19 environment.

  • He understands the difference between needs vs. wants when making financial decisions, especially in a time of reduced revenues.
  • During his years on the City Commission, Rehoboth always maintained a balanced budget. He will work tirelessly to restore that focus on financial stability


Patrick understands that like all communities, we must work together to help our small businesses recover from the impact of COVID-19. He will work to rebuild our local economy and stimulate economic development in our business community.

  • A healthy community will create a healthy economy. Patrick will work with state and county officials, the Chamber of Commerce, and Main Street to assure that Rehoboth Beach is a safe place to live, work and visit.
  • Patrick will introduce a new program of economic stimulus grants to invest in small businesses and help them fund physical and information technology improvements.
  • He will work closely with the Chamber of Commerce and city staff to support our businesses, as he did when he led the implementation of the Parkmobile pay-by-phone system, improving the downtown experience for residents and visitors alike.

Patrick Gossett

Knows and Understand Our Values

And he will fight for them. 

Patrick Gossett

Rehoboth Beach City Commissioner- Elect 

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